Monday, January 19, 2009

With the best of intentions...

So I am right around the corner from another move, thanks to Uncle Sam. As always I start out with a "plan", typically this plan involves me eliminating half of the crap from my house. Nobody wants to take "junk" with them to their next house, and I also happen to live with a man who thinks I "collect" crap, so if I don't want to hear him complain I think it's smart to rid myself of much of my belongings.

So far my plan to rid myself of "crap" has gone pretty well...that is if you pay no attention to the additional "crap" I have brought into the house in the last month or so. I mean come on we were having a great sale, and there were things I just had to have. Apparently V does not share my need to completely re-decorate my house every time we move, but he sure does enjoy having the nice things around!

The next part of my plan usually involves following one of the many handy dandy "countdown to moving" time lines you can find online. Of course a majority of these time lines usually start 6 weeks out from a move and I like to start as early as possible and in this case 6 months ahead of time, so I have to modify the time lines to fit my craziness. I am still searching and hoping I can find a time line more in line with what I think a time line should look like if you had 6 months to plan. Maybe I should just create my own... what a thought...

I'm pretty anal about moving, I have friends who are relaxed about their moves and do not freak out if the movers put bathroom towels in with their kitchen stuff, but not me this would send me into a complete panic. I make sure everything that goes in a box is in the same "category" and there are multiple categories in our house, it makes life sooo much easier when you arrive at your new home. I have unpacked our household and had all boxes removed from the house and everything set up in 1 hour in past moves, and we have a lot of "stuff". I'm good at this I've had a lot of practice.

I am not however even with all my anal retentive tendencies mean to our movers. We always have doughnuts, drinks, lunch and good attitudes with our movers. I've learned that this has ensured that more of our stuff arrives in one piece than some of the horror stories I have heard other military families go through. We are particularly sure to let the movers know what pieces we be devastated if we lost... for me it would be my art work and my zebra mirror, for the hubby it would be his TV and electronics, and all of these things have been packed with love and care on multiple moves overseas and here in the US without a scratch due to the careful packing of some amazing movers!

So I will be filled in these next few months with thoughts of moving and getting everything ready, we need to prepare our current home to leave behind and our belongings to be moved forward, I will need to get the kids school finished up and all of their records transferred not to mention prepare them mentally for the move and saying farewell to another set of friends. I will be dreaming of decorating a new and hopefully bigger home, I will be panicked in finding the "perfect" date to say goodbye to my job, and sending the hubby off to school while we do all of this and he can just fly back to drive across the country with us (lucky guy).

It should be fun's to hoping I still have a full head of hair (with no more grey) when this is over...

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