Friday, January 23, 2009

Who's idea was this??

In an effort to keep my family close and my kiddos active and from sleeping their lives away (can anyone tell me why teenage girls sleep so much?) we have decided that every night of the week will be someones "activity" night. Basically each kid plans something for us to do, oh and Mom and Dad, we get our turns also. We started Wednesday night with M's plan for us all to hit the gym, which was a lot of fun even if I am still a little sore, last night was D's turn and his activity had all of us "hitting" up the driving range as a family which was a blast, but did not help my soreness. Now tonight is A's turn and amazingly enough his activity is a secret...nope I can't tell not even if you promise to buy me the new wellies I want sooooo bad... nope not even if you took me back to Harry's for're just going to have to wait like everyone else...and not to tease, it's awesome and thoughtful and makes me swell with pride!

In other news, I am thinking about taking up knitting, I keep seeing all of these cool knitting projects all over the blogosphere, am I crazy? I figure I will need to find something to fill in the void that will be left when I am no longer the FRG Leader (oh what a happy day that will be!)

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