Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its all Greek to me...

Ok so I must be crazy but I am throwing a "Toga" party for 2 of our good friends Birthday's in February. I'm going to give the whole party a Greek feel to it, so I'm thinking plenty of white and gold!! I'm hoping I can scam a column like these from somewhere or pick it up cheap

Then I will be heading over to Hobby Lobby to score some sweet gold chargers

pic courtesy of Plum Parties
And then a trip to goodwill for some fake greenery and any other crazy thing I can get my hands on amd spray paint white!!!
I will be making all kinds of "family" (part of my genetic makeup...if you couldn't tell by the crazy eyebrows) and hopefully it will all fall into place and we will feel like we're on vacation in the Mediterranean.
I also need to work out the hubs and my Toga possibilities now that he broke down what the colors the royals wore I will be out a hunting for all kinds of "royal" possibilities!
But first this weekend, we have a Christening and a Super Bowl Party to attend so alot of work to do...and god I have to put in a full day at work again tomorrow...I wish I could just stay home and plan parties...

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  1. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

    Hey...I would really like to send you an invite to my new blog, but I have to have your email to do it. (It's a private/invitation only blog.) If you would be kind enough to drop me your email addy, I'd appreciate it! You can send it to khathryn at gmail or IM it to me on Yahoo messenger: khathryn.