Friday, September 19, 2008

Hey DJ Play my song!!!

So in our house we're not real morning people...well ok I'm not a morning person and Aidan yeah he's definitely not but the other two kiddos are probably decent morning people. So I have been trying to find a way to combat my morning crankies and not send the kids off to school with my bad morning mood. Now every morning we take my Ipod ( I originally typed this as eyepod :) plug it into the speakers and the kids each get a turn to play DJ. We have a ton of music in this house, we love music, at last count our cd count was up to almost 2 million (slight exageration), so to say the kiddos have lots to choose from is putting it mildly. Here's how today's playlist has sounded so far this morning

Mom's 1st Choice- The Beatles "Here Comes the Sun"

Maddy's 1st Choice (for Aidan she said to try and get him out of bed)-Green Day "Boulevard of Broken Dream"

Mom's 2nd Choice- Tom Petty "American Girl"

Maddy's 2nd Choice- Cake "Love You Madly"

Dakota's 1st Choice- Bob Marley "3 Little Birds"

Aidan's real 1st Choice- The Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams"

Mom's 3rd Choice- Damien Rice "Cannonball"

Maddy's 3rd really 4th choice- Incubus "Drive"

Dakota's 2nd Choice- Aqualung "Strange & Beautiful"

Aidan's 2nd Choice- Franz Ferdinand " Take me Out"

And after all of those groovy tunes I sent each kid out the door headed to school with head phones in their ears and I-Pod shuffles attached to their shirts. I hope this makes for a good school day and that they don't get their I-Pod's confiscated.

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