Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did I tell you...

That we are indeed moving once again. We're heading back to the East Coast, and I am so EXCITED!!! I almost wish we were leaving sooner! I love to move and see new places and experience new things! I've loved our time in Kansas and I've made some great friends but its time for us to move on. I'm now super absorbed with learning all there is to learn about what will be our next new home town. So the next few months will be so very busy, we'll be living our everyday lives while getting ready to finally welcome Dale home and then send him off again to go to school then we will all join up together at out new home ( we may even buy a house like real adults) and then maybe after all of that craziness we can settle down for a bit. We'll be ready once it's all said and done to just be able to relax.

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