Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So we got in...

I emailed the neurologist the results from the MRI, well at least the dictation and they moved our appointment up, not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I know one thing we should hopefully know something soon. Now the other side of this weird issue is that M has a sudden severe case of the dropsies, in the course of a week she has broken 4 plates, 1 vase, dropped 3 bottles of water, a few pieces of pizza and some more things I can't remember. The silver lining is that I hate the plates so maybe by the time the hubster gets home I will be ready to get a whole new set. To say I am worried would be putting it mildly, I have a case of butterflies that just will not go away. The irritating part is that there is probably nothing wrong and I will have worried for nothing. This is what I do though, I worry before it's time to worry. I do this with every aspect of my life. It's pretty damn annoying for everyone around me.

In another news... I'm broke...I just wish there would be a time in my life here I could just relax and not worry about money, this is not that time though. I need a raise, but I would just spend that too.