Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beautiful Girl

So, life really does have a funny way of bringing you back down to Earth. A few weeks ago my beautiful daughter had an MRI done because she has been having these very unusual movement headaches, it's almost vertigo like but not, they last long enough that she needs to sit out of what she was doing or just sit down, she no longer can run with her friends or go skating or playing soccer or attend her dance classes. Well I called about a week and half ago to see if the results were back and I was told no. Yesterday on the way home from dropping my sister off at the airport our pediatrician called and apologized for not calling sooner but the MRI results had been lost and they didn't realize it (love Army health care) our pediatrician who I really love, said that they did see spot on the MRI. I think I stopped breathing for a minute, he's not sure what it is and neither was the radiologist we have to go to see a neurologist soon. I really thought it was all hormones, and yes I know it may be nothing, but against all my better judgment I can't help but be worried to death and won't stop until we know what's going on. She is my beautiful girl with the amazing smile that has never stopped taking my breath away.

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