Thursday, September 13, 2007

What in the???

I came home from the oldest's football game to get my daughter from her friends house. I was talking to the friends mom when my daughter came running up to me to ask me if she could go to another friends house to play "Holocaust", um EXCUSE ME???

Before you flip out and think that we are secretly a family of Neo Nazis, my daughter who has had the Holocaust taught to her in every class for the last two years thanks to the fact that we lived in Germany for so long, is reading the book Number of the Stars for probably the 30th time. If you haven't read it I highly suggest it. Louis Lowry is wonderful and wrote one of my all time favorite book The Giver which you should buy and read IMMEDIATELY!

So I of course delved into the how they were actually playing a game called "Holocaust", it turns out it's a lot like playing house only my daughter is a Danish Jew who is in hiding in a room the size of my closet (it actually was my closet about an hour ago). The game is great! They all have to be really quiet so that they aren't overheard by the pig headed Nazi's, ok, they didn't say pig head Nazi's but whatever. I highly suggest you introducing the game to your house when you would like a little peace and quiet, and of course it's all in the name of education!


  1. I need to read that.

    I think I will wait a few years on the holocaust game, jo has a knack for saying inappropriate things at any moment, I can see it now in a crowded restaurant...

    "Mommy, can we go play holocaust?"

    oh dear.

  2. I agree Moriah, just save this nugget of parenting "knowledge" for another time down the road.

    Oh and I can understand the knack for saying inappropriate things, my 7 year old son and 32 year old husband have the same problem

  3. Hmmmmmm...that has possibilities!