Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Slipped Away

Last Thursday was my oldest son's 13th birthday, I didn't blog about it because I kind of had a hard time with it. I mean holly crap I have a teenager! I'm not so sure I am that great of a mother. I let my kids watch WAY to much TV and eat WAY to much junk food. I'm surprised one of my children made it to 13.

He's a great kid always has been. Hopefully my parenting skills, or lack thereof will not completely ruin his first year as a teenager.

They really do grow up way to fast!

The picture is him blowing a candle out we had stuck in a taco, we did cake a few days before when my Mother in Law was visiting so his actual "Birthday" was pretty anti-climatic. The big Party will be this weekend, I can't wait- NOT!!!


  1. OMG HA! Taco :P

    Gee you arent looking forward to having a ton of teens running amuck in your home?? Cant imagine why :P

    Mine is 4 and has never had a real party - I feel terrible about this, this year I will do my best to throw a real party for him.

    I am so bad about socializing!

  2. You know don't feel bad my kiddo's really only had actual Birthday Parties when they started school and had kids they could invite, when our kids were younger our friends did not have kiddos so that made things difficult.