Monday, September 10, 2007

I swear I ahte bitching...

Ok, not really I LOVE bitching, and everyone knows it!

Today I am going to be oh so original and bitch about the weather. On Saturday we had the oldest kid's Birthday party at the beach at our local lake. We had a fabulous time! Not to cold not to hot, I even added to my tan, I was relaxed and really enjoyed it. Yesterday the weather really cooled off. I told my neighbor how much I loved the change and opened my windows up and turned off the AC, I was excited!

Today I'm freezing my butt off and it's raining like cat's and dog's, I hope this winter is easier than last year. I mean, hello I'm from Florida!

I am off to find the ugliest most offensive winter boots ever, so I can laugh at myself all winter.


  1. LMAO!!

    Its been pretty wacky out this way too but I expect it since I am from here :P I must say its been hotter than normal here - I cant wait to wear my rainboots!

  2. Sounds like our weather!

    Where are you?