Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Breakdown! Go ahead and give it to me!

So I suck, I'm a terrible Army Wife, but I'm ready for my husband to leave already.

1. I've been preparing for this deployment for 1 1/2 years now, and I'm flipping over it

2. I want him to leave so I can begin missing him, while he's gone and not missing him while he's still here because he works so much.

3. The sooner he leaves the sooner he will be home

4. I'm being a bitch; I hate this deployment and sometimes find myself having even worse mood swings than normal and taking quite a bit out on him, which in turn makes me feel guilty and then my mood doesn't get any better.

5. He and I are so stressed out that we aren't enjoying anything any more. We had to move before he left and we're broke and that sucks, it's really pulling us at all angles.

So now I feel an immense amount of guilt for saying I'm ready for him to go and put himself in danger, but it's inevitable and I can't stop it, so let's just get on with it already.

Oh yeah, and I'm most likely going to have a breakdown before this is all through.


  1. Ugh! I can to totally relate - we are set for deployment #2 next year sometime(yeah how we managed to dodge deployments this long, no idea) I can relate to the stress, the starting to miss him, the anger - we deal with so much, I have started to resent my "normal" married friends at times.

    I cant wait til the election!!!

  2. No kidding, I swear the election could not possibly get here any faster.

    Oh and far as resenting normal friends, I swear I will choke the next one who tells me " I don't know how you do it, if my husband goes away over night I freak" Gag Me!!!

  3. Ugh I hate that! I also hate the wow that must be rough or the Do you miss him?? WTF? No its a picnic?!

  4. No kidding, this is when I get to see the truly idiotic side of the human race, yeah for me!