Monday, July 23, 2007

Already a Slacker

So my life is crazy, with my husbands upcoming deployment, full time job, 3 kiddos and volunteer commitments I have already found a way to neglect the blog I just recently started.

My family and I recently made a move to a new house and town. This is the shortest move we have ever made. We moved a whole 36 miles West. We thought it would be a better idea for us to live closer to my job while "V" was deployed and the shortened commute, which is now only 3 minutes is absolutely wonderful.

Most people think that I must be a moving pro, especially since I've moved 10 times in 13 years, but I just may be the worst packer and un-packer on the planet!! Thankfully my Mother in Law (who rocks!!) was in town to bring the kids back from their summer vacation and she is the best organizer ever, and she pretty much does everything for me.

This is a busy week for me. I have an Family Readiness Group meeting tomorrow evening, which I'm in charge of. On the 26th I have a deployment briefing and I still have to get the old house ready to be turned back over to our landlord. All this while working 8-5 everyday, good times.

My husband now has some roundabout dates on when he is leaving as well as his address where we can mail him things while he is deployed. This all makes it that much more real. I keep yelling at myself internally, I mean I should be used to this, it's not my first time dealing with a deployment. I just don't want to think or talk about it anymore right now.

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