Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stool re-done

So my fabulous sister gave "M" a stool for her vanity when we were down in Florida last month. It needed to be spruced up a bit for the re-do that we're going to eventually do in M's room.


"M" working hard with the spray paint...

Almost done...

Okay, the base looked great but the fabric was not working, it was just a little to brown...
I let "M"pick out any fabric she wanted, not my favorite, but hey it's her room...

While she was at school I recovered the cushion...

Here is the finished product, honestly I may have to see if I can't convince her to find a different fabric, I'm just not loving it, but hey it's her stool.


  1. Look at you - you are on a creative roll! What a cute little stool. I love the black and blue together - so cute!

    Good job!


  2. Wow, that turned out so cute. I wish I was more handy with things like that.

  3. LOVEZ IT. Not wild about the blue either, but SO much better than the white. You are so freaking DIY I hate you.