Monday, September 28, 2009

I can't keep up!

There are so many amazing blogs out there I just can't keep up reading them all! I've only been away 2 days and already there is way too much to catch up on!! How do you handle it? I really need to manage my time better so I can fit in some blog reading time!

In the mean time I am working hard to finish the re-do on our dining room. The paint has been done for a few weeks, the new chairs are in, and I've been staining the wood on a mirror I picked up a couple of months ago to hang. I just need to find some artwork and figure out the curtain part and I will be set! I was thinking of going with this idea over at The Lettered College, I've saved the link for a really long time even before the big move!

OK I leave you with the before pic of the dining room, hopefully soon I will have an after to share!


  1. I love that idea! Or burlap is very cheap and has a nice texture... I can't wait to see the after! How fun!

    I know what you are saying about being behind. It's so hard to keep up. I wish I could go on every blog on my list every day, but with kids and activities, it is hard to find time.

    Have a great night Erin!


  2. I saw your burlap and I think you're right! I am going to go see what is the best deal for my money today! Regardless I think I will be "copying" your kitchen curtains!

  3. I love the drop cloth idea! I can't wait to see the after pic....