Monday, November 10, 2008

You sound like crap

Why is that when you're sick people have a way of making you feel worse. Please do not tell me I sound like crap or look crap...right now I am crap, feel like crap and possibly even smell like crap, so thanks genious for pointing out the obvious. And if one more person tells me to go for the day I may scream, because I have no one here to do my job!!!!! I can't go home when I'm sick, my co-worker is a completely irresponsible nasty fully time employee with what she must assume to be part time hours and so only comes in on days she feels like and someone has to be here. so no I can't go home.

This also means that as I skulk around the building with my crappy body, you better believe I am infecting all of you...haha!

This probably make no sense at all, I've had way too much Theraflu today.

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