Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Letter of Historical Signifigance

Dear V,

I am so very very overwhelmed by this election, what a landslide. I hope fact that Obama being such a historian that he learns the lessons of those who came beforehand him. He has the Senate behind him and it's a very historic time for all of us. I hope that if you are a god fearing man that you pray for tolerance and a will for all sides to work together because I believe that we will need those prayers. I listened to the excitement from our children tonight and my sister's excitement tonight being able to vote for the first time in her life and it all gives me goose bumps.

We all need to move together and we all need to look to the future for our children and the future of our country and this is the man who will bring this to us. After such a long long election Obama owes not one person anything he has made no promises of cabinet positions to anyone and his campaign started from a literal grass roots organization and grew to be the largest ever, look at what this man has accomplished.

It gives me so much hope and I am vesting all of my hopes and dreams in our newly elected president. I will go to bed tonight praying for tolerance from the naysayers and a willingness for both sides to come together and see this for the "new day" that it is and I will dream that we will rebuild this great country that you and so many of our friends fight for and give up so much of yours lives to leave your families and bring democracy to lands that need it, I will dream and pray that this is the new beginning that we all need, red and blue state, black and white, women and men, we are now all in this together as we always have been.

I love you and truly believe this will improve your career and your service to your country, I am proud that the highest commander you will be serving is a young man who rose from nothing and climbed to the highest position in this land. This is our Man on the Moon, this is our generations historic moment.

I hope I will wake up with birds chirping in the morning knowing that you will be home with your family very soon and we can live this excitement together.

Come home to me soon.



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