Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Surprised on my ability to follow through??

"D" and I October 1995

Growing up as kid I pretty much lived in the same house all throughout my school years, I was never the new girl, I knew everyone in my school, neighborhood, burbs, other kids were new, but not me, I was staple on the streets of our neighborhood. I went to Kindergarten through High School with the same set of friends, of course adding new friends to our group as the years went, but they were always new and not me.

All of this was true until I decided to get pregnant... while still in High School, this automatically made me the New Girl. I was new to a whole slew of experiences, new to being the only girl in my high school to walk around with a 9lb baby growing inside me, new to a bunch of questions asked by an OB who was so amazingly sweet an patient with my lack of knowledge and understanding. New to just how frightening having your newborn whisked away immediately upon birth due to complications. New to not knowing how my life was going to work out and how I would be able to provide for another life.

Luckily and thankfully, "V" was much more of a man than I think he ever knew he could be at that time and our lives were made so much better by the fact that he had already joined the Army, which definitely helped to provide a life for our automatic and small little family when we were married shortly out of high school.

All of this of course led me to being the New Girl, for what I now think of as the rest of my life...

part 2 of a million more parts to come...                                      


  1. I'm excited to hear your story. Thanks for sharing the first part.

  2. You're an amazing woman, E!! Your talent, drive, enthusiasm...life~just amazing!

  3. I was the new girl way too many times :( In grade 8 alone, we moved four times and I went to four different schools. It sucked :(

    Happy blogoversary :)