Friday, December 4, 2009

No need to worry...

Not sure if I shared or not, but a few weeks ago I started having SVT attacks. 2 were long enough to send me to the ER, once in a lovely flashing ambulance. My heart has decided to run marathons without alerting the rest of my body.  So anyway after I felt like an idiot (right or wrong) the ER docs said I was having episodes of SVT. I need to see my doctor, the problem is my doctors office was flooded after a nasty Nor'Easter came through and so I had to go to another doctors office instead. The Army's health care system frequently leaves a lot to be desired, I am very greatful that I have it though. So I saw another doctor who said sorry I can't help you, you need to see your Primary Care Manager, now 2 weeks later I finally have an appointment to do just that.

I've been having frequent crazy heartbeats pretty consistently, sometimes it feels very hard and fast sometimes I get very strange butterflies/fluttering in my chest. It is concerning. I am doing the "exercises" the Dr's reccomend to make the SVT stop, and it's working, although it's not very convenient or practical to bear down while someone is sitting in your office. It makes for akward glances and quite a bit of 'splannin.

I hope today I get a few answers along with the referral I've been working on getting to the Cardiologist....

The girl who scheduled my appointment today didn't think I was very funny when I was explaining how irritated I was with the health care system, apparently they don't like it when you say "they're killing you". Okay enough rambling...

Oh and Mom if you're reading this, eveything will be fine!


  1. hey...i liked ur blog...its so fascinating & informative...keep writing these good things...may success smile at u where ever u go...i think i will bcum ur follower...hope u will like to hav a look at my blogs too...

  2. That's scary. Hope you get it figured out. My sister's husband was in the army, so I totally understand the healthcare issues.

  3. apparently they don't like it when you say "they're killing you".

    That was a funny sentence, but not funny about your condition! Oh my! I hope the doctor gets it all figured out and under control.