Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just not feeling it...

I'm trying I really am! I love this time of year I swear I do, but I'm feeling a little 'holiday block'. I'm just not feeling all the usual[ feeling I get this time of year. I feel very rushed and I feel like there is WAY too much to do and I just don't have the time to get it all done. What do I do?? How do I get the good feelings back? I think today I will take the time to get organized or at least some idea of organized.

What may help is that I got my Ornament Swap partner from The Mrs.! This is exciting! I love meeting new people on the blogosphere and how fun it will be to read and find a perfect ornament for someone I don't really know!!

Hopefull she's a T-Bow fan and I can get her this, lol, like I've just ordered myself!! Or maybe she's a Twilight Fan and would like this! Or she could be a dog lover and this ornament from Etsy could be perfect!

Hmmm, I guess I will just have to wait and find out.... maybe I'm starting to feel the holiday spirit a little after all!!

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