Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stranger's in the night..

V and I are currently working opposite schedules, it sucks. We now usually have one full day together, Saturday, well it's a full day as long as you look past the fact that he has to sleep until 2pm so he can stay on his night shift schedule. The whole thing stinks. I feel like I am back to being a single Mom just like I was when he was deployed. I get up at 6:30am when he's going to bed and I get the kids ready for school and head off to work myself, he get's up around 3pm when the kids are coming home from school and head's to work at 4pm and hour before I get home. The whole thing is very taxing and it's definitely putting a strain on us.

My new job is okay, I really am not sure if I like it and it's pretty hard to explain why I feel that way. Hopefully I'll like it alot more when I get a full paycheck next month. In the mean time I am going to console myself with the dream that Daddy Warbucks is going to walk through the door any minute and I'll be rich...

The sun will come out tomorrow... unless it's overcast...


  1. That is SO hard! I hope you get some time together soon. And I hope the job gets better, or you find something else you like.

  2. That sounds hard! I know what it is like to feel like a single mom though. My husband's office is in Canada and he spends about half of the time there.

    Will he always be working the graveyard shift? That sounds really hard!


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