Monday, November 12, 2007

A Sad Country Song

I swear sometimes my life seems a like a really sad/bad country song. The saying when it rains it pours has certainly applied to me in recent weeks. I must have some kind of terrible Karma, because damn has life sucked!! We've had money issues, surprise bills popping up, broken ankle, flu, cysts, sinus infections, cars breaking, brand new furniture breaking, issues with my husband's job, issues with my job. I'm beat, I have never been as stressed out as I am right now. I am literally dog paddling to keep my head above water.

I hate that my first post in quite a few days is one of serious bitching, but very few good things are happening right now.

I think getting back to blogging will help me put things into prospective and hopefully be able to compartmentalize things after seeing them written down.

Oh and please don't let me forget the HELL of Christmas shopping by yourself for three kids while your life is in shambles, not a good time.


  1. I'm so sorry, hon. I really am. This is exactly where I was over the summer. Trying to support 6 people on $7.50 an hour. Blech. Oh, did I mention the $1000 mortgage? Yeahhhhh.

    Anyway, it's now November, and everything is working itself out on my end. In fact, I just posted a blog about it. LOL

    It'll get better. It really will!

  2. Im sorry!! I hope this holiday season goes by fast for you and stress free!! I am right there with you!!