Thursday, November 1, 2007

Please tell me this was the Trick part of Trick or Treat

Last night when I went to pick up my oldest son from his Wrestling team I was sitting in my car at about 5:30pm when a kid came running out to my car telling me something happened.

I went in and my child was a lump on the floor not moving. He said he heard his ankle pop and was begging not to be moved. His coaches and I looked at it and it didn't look like much but we called the ambulance anyway, they came out wrapped it up and we all pretty much thought it was sprained. I took him to the Emergency room anyway straight from the school.

About 30 minutes into being in ER he was in some pretty serious pain. It was terrible, he's not a very emotional kid, but he was begging me to do something, that's when I realized it was bad. I had to stand behind him where he couldn't see me to rub his head, because I was tearing up so bad. It took forever for them to to X-Ray it because there were some very serious emergencies ahead of us. Once the Doctor looked at the X-Ray he came right in had the nurse shoot him up with a very heavy dose of some narcotic pain killer which knocked him right out. The doctor told me it was broken, and broken bad. He showed the X-Ray to me and it was completely broken across the from of the ankle. It was strange because there was very little swelling and no bruising. They couldn't even cast it in the ER because we had to see an orthopedist.

The next day after battling with the insurance company and nurses and doctors I got him into an orthopedist who was great, they put him in temporary cast, we went through 3 more rounds of X-Rays, I took him to my girlfriend who is a physical therapist for crutch training and finally we made it home where he's been pretty much ever since on the couch with his foot propped up.

We've had to make some modifications to the house and it's all been very interesting, he is such a huge help here that I can really tell all that he does because I've started doing it. I feel really bad, he's so bored and really is ready to get it all done with but we've got a nice long 6-8 weeks of recoup time.

Hopefully we won't go insane in the mean time! It's been a pretty rough week :(


  1. OH NO!! Im sorry!!

  2. Ouch!!

    Hope he recovers quickly!!

  3. Thanks guys, he's doing ok, he's just a little frustrated right now :(, I hope he's out of it before he misses sledding season!!