Wednesday, April 2, 2008


She will live, we are still not a hundred percent sure what's going on but we do know she's going to live which I guess is a good thing.

In the mean time I think I got so worked up over everything that I feel myself starting to unravel. I have never been the most organized person. I have great intentions but those intentions are just that. Making intentions turn into actual action and keeping it that way is a huge problem for me. When I start to unravel, I'm one of those people who just kind of sits back with a defeatist attitude thinking "OK, that's it I give up" all the while letting things get worse and worse. Of course I know what you're thinking, if I know that I do this and I know how bad I can let things go, why not just change it. Well as everyone know things like that are easier said than done and although I dole out some fantastic advice I am typically the very last to take it.

So I am making a 3/4 ways into the new year resolution to be more proactive and get my life together, and back on track. I need to get more organized in all aspects of my life, home, work, life and especially financially. We'll see how I do if I can keep my attitude up and not get manic over it I should be OK.

Oh yeah and after a minor 3lb slip up I am back on my diet. What in the hell is the point in losing any weight if I am just going to gain it all back again??

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  1. I just took some time to catch up on your blog. I fell behind. I totally understand the stress and the feeling of unraveling. I have had ALOT of that in my life and I'm sure I will have more. I always just try to start with the small stuff and tell myself I will accomplish fill in the blank today. It could be as small of a task like gathering the garbage around the house. If I can accomplish one small thing a day, it adds up and I start feeling better and when I feel better I am more motivated to get things done. Not sure if you really wanted that advice but it sounds like you can use a friend. I hope things improve for you, I'm thinking about ya!