Monday, December 10, 2007

The God's Must Be Crazy!

So last night I brought home a new dog... let me introduce you to Angus (on the left) he is a very sweet 6 month old pure bred dapple Dachsund. Ollie (on the right) really digs Angus, Angus is reserving judgment on Ollie. Life should be interesting around these parts for quite some time.

Please ignore the mountains of clothes behind them, I am trying to hang up a crap load of laundry.


  1. How exciting a new doggy. It will be interesting as they figure out who's the boss. I have an 85 pound German Shorthair/Lab mix and a 30 (yes he is overweight right now.) Sheltie. They are an interesting pair, but they get a long great. Good Luck!!

  2. Pictures of CLEAN clothes don't bother me.

    It's those people who take pictures where they have a mound of DIRTY laundry behind them and post them on the internet that bug me. LOL

    Cute new pup!

  3. Did I already comment on this tht you are so totally crazy to be getting another dog :P Adorable they ALL are!

    I really want a pug :X